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Film info: Corsino, por Cole Kivlin

Film Information

Original Title Corsino, por Cole Kivlin
English Title
Director Luis Argeo
Year 2010
Format HD
Duration 65 min
  • Corsino Fernández, Cole Kivlin
  • Guión: Luis Argeo
  • Fotografía: Diego Fontecha
  • Montaje: Luis Argeo, Diego Fontecha
  • Producción: Luis Argeo, Diego Fontecha


To say that Corsino is a documentary about Historical Memory (yet another!!!) would be as simple as reductionist. Fortunately, the second film by Asturias-born Luis Argeo goes way beyond that and chooses the path of memory, yes, but a memory written with lowercase letters and no italics, an intimate and almost domestic one. Corsino was one of the thousands of kids who were abandoned in Spain after Franco’s uprising in 1937. In his case, what was going to be a temporary destination (the US) ended up becoming his home. It’s the place where Corsino stopped being Corsino Fernández to become Cole Kivlin: a Texan, father of many, amateur writer, and almost an All American archetype who sits on his porch to watch the hours go by. Sixty years later, Kivlin decides to go back to Asturias to find himself again and trace his origins: he vindicates memory not as a way to settle issues with the past but as the only way to understand himself, and ultimately explain himself to others.

Date and Times

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