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Film info: Piscis

Film Information

Original Title Piscis
English Title Pisces
Director Brenda Urlacher
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 6 min
  • Andrea Carballo, Pedro Merlo
  • G: Brenda Urlacher
  • F: Matías Mesa
  • E: Julio Di Risio
  • P: Brenda Urlacher


She goes into a club’s swimming pool late at night, when the place is empty and quiet. She’s used to being alone, so she is surprised by the presence of a young man in the water who mysteriously disappears. Seduced by him, she finds out he belongs to a parallel dimension: water. Her desire gets stronger but the incompatibility of their habitats keeps them apart. The only way for them to reunite will be crossing the limit that separates them: reality.

Date and Times

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