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Film info: Upside Down: The Creation Records Story

Film Information

Original Title Upside Down: The Creation Records Story
English Title Upside Down: The Creation Records Story
Director Danny O’Connor
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 101 min
  • Oasis, Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Alan McGee.
  • Fotografía: Daryl Chase
  • Montaje: Jonny Halifax
  • Producción: Danny O'Connor


If I ever own a record company, my biggest aspiration will be to get ruined by an album like My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, get filthy rich discovering a pair of brothers like the Gallaghers, drag my friendship with someone like Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie through centuries, and… I don’t know, give carte blanche to someone like Andy Weatherall so he will put a signature in the best passages of the acid house era we can remember. All these accomplishments that seemed so impossible to concentrate in one single human mind were carried out by Alan McGee between the ‘80s and ‘90s, without ever loosing that unstoppable eagerness for party. And he did all that through his company Creation Records. His story is the story of British music in those ecstasy years; and putting it all together was a debt that is finally being cancelled by Upside Down, a speed-driven race with first class interventions: Irvine Welsh, Noel Gallagher, Bob Mould (Hüsker Du), Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) and –to be fair, since they were at the start of all this– Jesus & Mary Chain.


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