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Film info: Matchmaking Mayor

Film Information

Original Title Matchmaking Mayor
English Title Matchmaking Mayor
Director Erika Hniková
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 72 min
  • Jozef Gajdos, Dana Paseková, Monika Maxová, Janco Ogurcák, Do?o Barna
  • Guión: Erika Hniková
  • Fotografía: Jirí Strnad
  • Montaje: Jana Vlcková
  • Producción: Jirí Konecny


British author John Berger believes the main social phenomenon of the 20th century was the exodus of the rural population to big cities: there’s usually a lot of talk about their excessive growth but not so much about the progressive decadence of the towns surrounding them. In Zemplinske Hamre, located on a corner of Slovakia, the town’s mayor is so worried about the leaking migration that he implements a simple and bold plan: getting single people hitched. A retired colonel, the man is used to grabbing the bull by its horns, and he manages the shire like a willing and demanding father. Right away, he orders a census of young people of both sexes who are old enough to score. After consulting neighbor towns, a fraternization dance is organized to give Cupid a hand. Like she did on her previous film The Beauty Exchange –which addressed fashion and cosmetic surgery compulsion–, Hniková follows the events with an eye for the traces of everyday alienation, both in the unwilling candidates and the indiscreet benefactor. A documentary that’s almost a comedy.

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