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Film info: El misterio de las lagunas. Fragmentos andinos.

Film Information

Original Title El misterio de las lagunas. Fragmentos andinos.
English Title
Director Atahualpa Lichy
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 92 min
  • Guión: Atahualpa Lichy, Diana Lichy
  • Fotografía: José Manuel Romero, Gerard Uzcateguy
  • Montaje: Edwin Esmeral, Diana Lichy
  • Producción: Atahualpa Lichy, Diana Lichy


A particular culture developed in a series of villages located in the mountains of Southern Venezuela, where many old traditions are still alive. Although they might be related to certain Latin American aboriginal tribes, they have certain features that make them unique manifestations of beliefs and practices which seem to have been left out of modernity’s dominating ideology. This documentary dives into that thick forgotten Venezuelan culture and extracts a legacy, mainly through its music of violins and Andean guitars, which works as a sort of oral tradition of troubadours who keep memory alive. A special sense of humor, a strange and everyday connection to death, and a series of paradise, postcard landscapes mix together with popular songs and create an ideal climate where regional sensibility dances and sings away to reproduce a strange cross between the mythical and the testimonial

Date and Times

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