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Film info: La infinita distancia

Film Information

Original Title La infinita distancia
English Title The Infinite Distance
Director Florencia Castagnani
Year 2001
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 95 min
  • Edgardo Castro, Anne Devall, Miguel Franchi
  • Guión: Florencia Castagnani, Sebastián Bier
  • Fotografía: Mauricio Riccio
  • Montaje: Florencia Castagnani
  • Producción: Felicitas Raffo, Andrés Longares


Step by step. That seems to be Florencia Castagnani’s formula for this film. The initial short film that started everything was followed by a medium length feature that finally led to this film. These precedents built the story of Iván and Marie, a couple who lives in Rosario and don’t have that many interests in common any more, or at least that’s how he feels. Iván decides to travel alone to the middle of La Pampa and leaves Rosario, but he also quits his job, his context, and that life that was crushing him. Once there, he finds new occupations and starts searching for his brother, Santiago, with whom he has lost contact. This search becomes his main activity and, with a little help from locals, he will try to determine the best way to get reunited with him. He asks, inquires, investigates, and waits, even if all that is just an excuse to keep moving away from his previous life. Marie, for her part, will try to get him back; but he will already be far away, absent, and set on a search that has to do mainly with himself.

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