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Film info: Windfall

Film Information

Original Title Windfall
English Title Windfall
Director Laura Israel
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 83 min
  • Fotografía: Brian Jackson
  • Montaje: Laura Israel, Stacey Foster, Alex Bingham
  • Producción: Laura Israel, Autumn Tarleton


Finding cheap and clean energy is becoming a growing global concern as fossil energy becomes more and more expensive. We are getting to see more of those big white windmills placed on windy areas: wind energy. If Tom Cruise has already seen the danger of getting too close to these propellers in Mission: Impossible III, this documentary features different types of danger, or at least some questions regarding this type of energy. Do turbines consume more energy than what they produce? Do they make your ears buzz? Does the noise provoke headaches and insomnia? Can the sails fall off and cause a disaster? The community of Meredith in the state of New York is faced with a choice to overcome some financial problems through the installation of these windmills, and this controversial and revealing documentary by Laura Israel poses the questions mentioned above (and others about the business around this alleged panacea) through exploring the reactions in the community, a great research work, and very powerful images.

Date and Times

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