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Film info: The day of ants in the sky

Film Information

Original Title The day of ants in the sky
English Title The day of ants in the sky
Director Akira Nobi
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 120 min
  • Kohei Kuroda, Satomi Yakehiro, Yoshiki Kondo, Yuuki Okamoto, Takumi Hasuo.
  • Guión: Akira Nobi
  • Fotografía: Akira Nobi
  • Montaje: Akira Nobi
  • Producción: Akira Nobi


A sort of strangely configured yakuza drama that goes from graphic violence to action film and poetic melodrama, and in the way also touches absurdity and a certain narrative suspense made with great precision. The story follows Kenji, a young college student who’s part of a secret organization of assassins that uses unconventional strategies to carry out their commissioned crimes. Due to a mistake in one of the killings, a young girl joins the organization and destabilizes the whole group, which until then was formed by men only. With a radical independence, Akira Nobi directed, wrote, produced, and shot this kind of unclassifiable film that proudly takes on the risk of moving freely through different genres and yet never forgets to provide an entity to its characters, no matter how delirious or extreme is the situation they find themselves in.

Date and Times

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