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Film info: Ríos de Hombres

Film Information

Original Title Ríos de Hombres
English Title Rivers of Men
Director Tin Dirdamal
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 76 min
  • Guión: Iliana Martínez
  • Fotografía: José Torres
  • Montaje: Martín Boulocq
  • Producción: Tin Dirdamal, Iliana Martínez, José Torres


The legends, details, and lies behind the so-called “water wars” in Bolivia, during which even the privatization of rain water was discussed. The story of the supposed triumph in the water-related war fought in Cochabamba is told by a mother who lost her son, a general under orders to send the army against his hometown, a young homeless man who became a hero and a single father who grows flowers. In his attempt to be part of this social movement, director Tin Dirdamal never quits his inquisitive spirit and intellectual honesty, and he will be forced to look things in a different way, a curious turn in terms of perspective (on his previous film De nadie, Dirdamal saw the other side of immigration problems in Mexico exposing how rejection and discrimination from American citizens towards Mexicans was replicated by these against the immigrants who came from the south). What remains in the lucid Rivers of Men is an exploration of the lost connection between human beings and water, and ultimately between human beings and themselves.

Date and Times

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