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Film info: 18 cigarrillos y medio

Film Information

Original Title 18 cigarrillos y medio
English Title 18 & 1/2 Cigarettes
Director Marcelo Tolces
Year 2010
Colour Color
Duration 71 min
  • Hernán Melgarejo, Fera Izak Szmuc, Ale Hirschfeld, Natalia Herreros, Sergio Noguer
  • Guión: Marcelo Tolces
  • Fotografía: Kenji Katori
  • Montaje: Yibrán Asuad
  • Producción: Aramí Ullón, Pablo Cruz, Geminiano Pineda,
  • Mariela Besuievsky.


“Cigarettes allow us to communicate with fire without being consumed by it” is announced in white letters on the screen before even the characters appear on 18 & ½ cigarettes. That’s how many Ezequiel smokes all throughout the film, which picks up just a tiny fragment of a life filled with search and uncertainty. And so we will be able to follow this young man and his friends through different places and contexts, but only in the moments that take place between the time Ezequiel lights a cigarette and when he finishes it. That’s why all the events, like his visit to a brothel and the beating he gets from his ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend will be later reenacted verbally, with an ashtray on the side. This is the peculiar way in which the story of Ezequiel and Vivian (the girl with a new boyfriend) is weaven, a love affair he doesn’t seem to consider closed. They had made a promise: if they had a fight someday, they had the right to demand for a last kiss, and that’s exactly what Ezequiel is after.

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