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Film info: Atroz

Film Information

Original Title Atroz
English Title Atrocious
Director Fernando Guillermo Barreda
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 75 min
  • Cristian Quintanilla Atauri, July Quintanilla Atauri.
  • Guión: Fernando Barreda Luna
  • Fotografía: Ferran Castera
  • Montaje: Fernando Barreda Luna
  • Producción: Jessica Villegas, David Sanz


On April 4th of last year the Quintanilla family ceased to exist. The circumstances surrounding that day are still so confusing and mysterious that the expression continues to be the most precise way to refer to those bodies that were found on an old family house in Sitges. But all that uncertainty is contrasted by an ocean of speculation and false leads, materialized and guarded by local police in the form of 37 hours of home video recorded by Cristian and July, the oldest children. As the forensic lab organizes the evidence from the last five days of the family, and as the film by Fernando Barreda Luna –a new member of a horror subgenre that states “what you see is what we’ve found”– moves forward, Atrocious seems to progressively reveal its true appearance. On the edge of the supernatural and the most visceral horror, the story of the end of the Quintanilla makes it clear that the best horror is still the one that leaves everything hanging in the air.

Date and Times

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