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Film info: El estudiante

Film Information

Original Title El estudiante
English Title The Student
Director Santiago Mitre
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 124 min
  • Esteban Lamothe, Romina Paula, Ricardo Félix, Valeria Correa
  • Guión: Santiago Mitre
  • Fotografía: Gustavo Biazzi, Soledad Rodríguez, Federico Cantini, Alejo Maglio
  • Montaje: Delfina Castagnino
  • Producción: Agustina Llambi Campbell, Santiago Mitre, Fernando Brom


At first sight, this could be a tale of initiation: Roque, a young man from the interior, comes to Buenos Aires to attend college; and right when he seemed only interested in meeting girls, he starts to get involved with politics and gets ahead in his career as a student representative. But, while focusing in the sole viewpoint of its lead character Roque, the film starts to unfold a vibrant story that opens up to different directions: utilitarian relationships, the pendular oscillation between ethics and betrayal, politics as a generational issue, the youthful urge for getting quickly ahead, the perspective of a future that could either reproduce a rancid and corrupt past or imagine a different future. Santiago Mitre has not only made a film that looks into the world of college –a place rarely visited by Argentine cinema, except for maybe Dar la cara–, he has also presented university as a mirror capable of reflecting social tensions by drawing a plot with a lucid and tireless drive for narrating Argentina. If the so-called New Argentine Cinema was ever defined as non-political, El estudiante is the most brutal and brilliant rebuttal to that fallacy: it’s not only new, but also indispensable.

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