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Film info: A zona

Film Information

Original Title A zona
English Title Uprise
Director Sandro Aguilar
Year 2008
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 99 min
  • Isabel Abreu, António Pedroso, Gustavo Sumpta, Cátia Afonso, Tiago Barbosa
  • Guión: Sandro Aguilar
  • Fotografía: Paulo Ares
  • Montaje: Sandro Aguilar
  • Producción: Sandro Aguilar, Luís Urbano


A man is waiting in some hospital corridor. His name is Rui and he’s feeling absolutely impotent as he watches his dying father lie on a bed. A pregnant woman who suffered an accident cries for the death of her partner. A newborn baby. An injured dog. Right between Tarkovsky and the finest exponents of Portuguese cinema, Uprise defines a limbo, a place with blurred physical and temporal borders the film’s characters (who are trapped with no choices or any idea of how to get out) go through and inhabit. Every shot by Aguilar –who already had a long career making short films when he made this debut film– is presented in a perfectly crafted manner, with a unique management of what the eye can see but also what it can’t and we sense instead. As if that wasn’t enough, the sound design builds another world that combines with the images and reaches some surprisingly natural levels of complexity and intrigue, the kind only a great director is able to achieve.


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