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Film info: The Forgotten Space

Film Information

Original Title The Forgotten Space
English Title The Forgotten Space
Directors Noël Burch
Allan Sekula
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 112 min
  • Guión: Allan Sekula, Noël Burch
  • Fotografía: Attila Boa, Wolfgang Thaler
  • Montaje: Menno Boerema
  • Producción: Frank van Reemst, Joost Verheij


The sea that inspires poetry, that stands as an all-time enigmatic place, the home of giant monsters and unknown beings, and the hope for new worlds and new lives beyond the horizon, is evoked in The Forgotten Space first and foremost as that surface of the Earth through which 90% of the world’s goods travel in cargo. Thoroughly tracking containers on board of ships, barges, trains, and trucks through the world’s main ports; examining the progressive rise of containers and the constant evolution and modernization of transport systems in all of its aspects; listening to ideas and experiences of those who constitute the work force, from engineers and politicians to the last machinists and those openly marginalized, Noël Burch y Alan Sekula sail away to find the new and profound mysteries of that constantly changing, cardinal spot of globalization.

Date and Times

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