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Film info: Patricio Guzmán, une histoire chilienne

Film Information

Original Title Patricio Guzmán, une histoire chilienne
English Title Patricio Guzmán, a Chilean Story
Director Catalina Villar
Year 2001
Format Betacam
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 52 min
  • Fotografía: Yves de Peretti
  • Montaje: Claudio Martínez
  • Producción: Yves Jeanneau


“I belong to a different generation than Patricio, and I’m not Chilean. But I grew up hearing the militant music of the 1970’s and with the feeling of having lost Latin America’s epic moments: Allende’s Chile and the first years of the Cuban revolution had already disappeared when we became aware of their existence. I asked Patricio about Chile’s politics. About history being the connecting thread of his work. About Chile. About his films.” This is what Catalina Villar says about the creative process of her documentary, hinting that sort of easiness that’s usual in good listeners. Because making a film about Patricio Guzman’s cinema means discovering the consistency of a body of work that stretches for thirty years. The Chilean director has surprisingly managed to follow the thread of that story under a light that provides a new meaning not only to big events, but also to those that remained hidden. Like a mirror game, each one of his films leads us both to the next and the previous one; its images talk to each other and reflect the complex construction of Chile’s recent history.

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