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Film info: Kitchen Party

Film Information

Original Title Kitchen Party
English Title
Director Gary Burns
Year 1997
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 92 min
  • Scott Speedman, Laura Harris, Gillian Barber, Kevin McNulty, Tygh Runyan.
  • Guión: Gary Burns
  • Fotografía: Robert Aschmann
  • Montaje: Mark Lemmon, Reginald Harkema
  • Producción: Christine Haebler, John Hazlett


After his “Canadian Slacker”, Burns makes another wink at Linklater’s cinema. Dazed and confused Scott wants to throw a party with his friends in his home and, by the way, take his girlfriend Laura to bed (many will recognize Scott Speedman and Laura Harris, from the TV shows Felicity and Dead Like Me, or 24, respectively). There is a problem, or maybe two: Scott’s parents, who keep their living room as a sort of sanctuary of neatness where the slightest deviation in carpet fabric constitutes a deadly sin. But since the kitchen has no rug, nothing should go wrong as long as the party stays within limits. Also, mom and dad are going out that night, so soon enough friends, drugs, and problems start to arrive. With a precise editing (featuring a contribution by Reg Harkema back when he was about to start directing) that narrates in parallel both the kitchen party and the parents’ crazy cocktail night and ends up connecting both stories, Burns keeps sharpening his mercilessly comic view of life in the Canadian suburbs.

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