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Film info: Música campesina

Film Information

Original Title Música campesina
English Title Country Music
Director Alberto Fuguet
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 100 min
  • Pablo Cerda, James Cathcart, Cole Kinnear, Ezra Fitz, Karen Davidovich Whitehouse
  • Guión: Alberto Fuguet
  • Fotografía: Ashley Zeigler
  • Montaje: Sebastián Arriagada
  • Produccion: Alberto Fuguet, Ted Fischer, Sarah Childress, Mauricio Varela


Chilean Alejandro Tazo (Pablo Cerda) travels to Nashville, United States, following a love interest. But he will realize things aren’t so easy, predictable, or linear (neither does the film inform us of all that in this particular order), and that being a foreigner carries a certain degree of alienation. Also that defining yourself as a Johnny Cash fan is like confessing you breathe oxygen. Also that speaking other people’s language can be very tiring. After making the lead character (also played Pablo Cerda) move around Santiago on a bycicle in Velódromo (screened at Bafici 2010) Fuguet now holds him down him in the city of country music. However, for the Chilean writer and director, that immobility doesn’t imply a narrative immobilization. Tazo wants to work, meet people, make his trip worthwhile. Música campesina is a film by a narrator who also knows how to stage –through brilliant dialogues– conflicts and feelings. Fuguet is someone for whom dialogue writing is a key to build his own voice as an independent filmmaker, with an accent on that description’s adjective, but also on its noun.


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