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Through a very special lighting, Onofri presents a space that is not totally defined, since the floating lighting panel provides light to a defined point and, simultaneously, the lights fades away as a way to deny the sensation of having limits; the limit that is exactly opposed to that of the chemical toilet where dancers get in and, by means of very precise and tiny movements, start expressing themselves between the obstacles placed by toilet elements that block and fill the existing 1 square meter room.

Photo: Javier Sabaté Bianchi y Carlos Oñatibia

Tualet / Toilet
by Juan Onofri Barbato
Cast: Sergio Maximiliano Villalba and Nicolás Poggi
Lighting design: Matías Sendón
Costume design: Mirta Liñeiro
Original Score: Jorge Grela
Set design: N. Laino, Matías Sendón and J. Onofri
Machinery design: Rodolfo Yordanoff and Matías Sendón
Video: Ricardo Reich and J. Onofri
Photography: Javier Sabaté Bianchi
Graphic design: Carlos Oñatibia
Choreographic assistance: Marina Giancaspro and Juan Pablo González
Assistant: Andrea Nussembaum
Choreography: Villalba - Poggi - Onofri
General direction: Juan Onofri Barbato
Institutions that support the production of the show: Teatro del Perro, Prodanza and La Barbato S.R.L.
Length: 50 minutes
Opening: July 4th, 2008, Espacio Callejón, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



dom 11 / 21:00 h

Buenos Aires / Argentina: Tualet

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mie 14 / 21:00 h

Buenos Aires / Argentina: Tualet

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