Book presentations

This year, FIBA will be hosting the presentation of two books in connection with the awards editions organised with other institutions. The Germán Rozenmacher Award to New Playwrights (along with Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas) with six editions so far, and an innovation this year: the recognition to playwrights, through the Alfredo de la Guardia National Theatre Play Contest (together with the Instituto Nacional del Teatro) as a means to refloat this genre and promote the production of papers and academic monographs.

mie 14 / 16:00 h
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6th Award of New Dramatics Germán Rozenmacher

Book presentationsCentro Cultural Ricardo Rojas

At this current edition, the panel of judges is formed by writers and dramatists Griselda Gambaro, Mauricio Kartun and Luis Cano. The awards went to: Peaje, (Toll) by Mariana Eva Pérez and Sueño con cebollas (Dream with onions), by Natalia Carmen Casielles. Special awards went to Salón Fortaleza (Fortress Parlor), by Flavia Gresores and Tristeza nao tem fim (Sadness has no end), by Patricio Abadi.

Participants: Griselda Gambaro, Mauricio Kartun, Luis Cano and the award-winning playwrights, together with the authorities of the Centro Cultural R. Rojas and FIBA.

jue 15 / 16:00 h
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1st Edition Alfredo de la Guardia's Award

Book presentationsHarrods

A prestigious panel of judges: Moira Soto, Horacio Banega and Jorge Ricci, conferred the first-place award to María Natacha Koss for her play (The theatre and plastic arts) “El teatro y las artes plásticas” , while the second-place award went to (Caravaggio´s prostitutes .Difficulties in the passages between literature and theatre) “Las prostitutas de Caravaggio Problematizaciones acerca de los tránsitos entre literatura y teatro,” by Gabriel Fernández Chapo and the third place went to (The popular world on scene) “El mundo popular en escena,” by Alicia Beatriz Aisenberg.

Participants: Moira Soto, Horacio Banega, Jorge Ricci and appointed researchers.