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Horacio Ferrer's biography

Horacio Ferrer

He started crossing from his native Montevideo to Buenos Aires in the late 1950s, when the publishing company A. Peña Lillo Editor published his first book. Journalist, tango historian and – above all – poet, Horacio Ferrer began to rub shoulders with the tango elite of the time until he found in Piazzolla a musician whose revolutionary art perfectly fit into his bold poetry, full of canyengue metaphors. In 1968, the duo made their songwriting masterpiece, the little opera María de Buenos Aires, and two years later they shook up the scene with “Balada para un loco,” a starting point for a joint collaboration, a must for any tango anthology today. Absolutely in force, today the Maestro gets on stage to pay homage to his friend, in an exciting celebration of music and words.


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