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Quinteto El Descarte's biography

Quinteto El Descarte

Since its creation five years ago, El Descarte has alternated tours with local performances. For instance, they have toured seventy cities in the United States and participated in City events. Their style combines adaptations of Pugliese’s, Troilo’s and Salgán’s big-orchestra arrangements with pieces from Piazzolla’s quintet and their own compositions. In this opportunity, they will preview their soon-to-be-released new album El Descarte, which reflects such artistic search and features their own original songs, except Emilio Balcarce’s “La Bordona”. The ensemble is made up of Santiago Polimeni (bandoneon), Cristian Asato (piano), Adrián Lacruz (guitar), César Rago (violin) and Pablo Guzmán (double bass).



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