Pas de repos pour les braves

Film Information:


No Rest for the Brave




Alain Guiraudie






107 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Thomas Suire, Thomas Blanchard, Laurent Soffiati, Vincent Martin, Pierre-Maurice Nouvel


  • GUIÓN: Alain Guiraudie,
  • Frédéric Videau
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Antoine Héberlé
  • MONTAJE: Pierre Molin
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Nathalie Eybrard, Jean-Philippe Labadie


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The premise of the story is subtle and paradoxical: a young man dreams he will die if he ever dreams again. So, in order to survive, he is condemned to live in an eternal state of wake. But in order to maintain an oneiric dimension, the young man turns his waking life into a dream. And so, the film dusts off pure magic, confirming Macedonio Fernandez’s great quote: “being with your eyes open doesn’t always means you´re awake.” And Guiraudie, being true to his complex universe, prevents himself from falling into any of the usual common places regarding the representation of lucid dreams and oneiric stories. For example, a great cover of Sex Pistols “Pretty Vacant” becomes a stealthy whirl, with a jolt that drags a character who will experience seeing his loved one being swallowed by the ocean, as well as travelling by plane over the ground and shooting down an entire village in southern France. All this chaos is narrated with unbounded joy, because this is, first and foremost, a comedy. And being trapped in a vivid dream –or in madness– doesn’t provoke sadness or claustrophobia. Because Guiraudie’s discovery is that madness looks a lot like the happiest version of absolute freedom: a jokey existentialist narcolepsy.

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