Nem tudo é verdade

Film Information:


Not Everything Is True




Rogério Sganzerla


Color + B&W


35 mm


85 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Arrigo Barnabé, Grande Otelo, Helena Ignez,
  • Nina de Pádua, Luiz Motta


  • GUIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: José Medeiros, Affonso Viana, Edson Santos,
  • Edson Batista, Carlos Ebert,
  • Vitor Diniz
  • MONTAJE: Denise Fontoura, Severino Dadá
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla


  • Contacto / Contact
  • Mercúrio Produçoes Ltda.
  • Helena Ignez
  • Rua Nestor Pestana, 87 -
  • Conjunto 101 - Consolação
  • 01303-010 Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • T +55 11 3256 8676
  • +55 11 3129 5745
  • F +55 11 3256 8676
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Nem tudo é verdade is Sganzerla’s first film on the subject of Orson Welles –a theme that’ll cover nearly everything he films from then on. Right after filming The Magnificent Ambersons, Orson Welles travels to Brazil in order to make a movie about three folk stories about poor Brazilian people. The dictatorial Vargas government tries at all costs to have him film exotic landscapes and rich houses, to no avail: Welles wants fishermen and the blacks dancing in carnival parties. Welles’ fate is doomed. Production company RKO destroy his Ambersons in the editing, the Brazilian film never gets made and he’s gonna have trouble with producers for the rest of his life. Is it Brazil that’s doomed? Is there something wrong with the samba, “the richest rhythm in the world”? Or is it rather the fault of stupid politicians and entrepreneurs that the fate of the true artist is to be punished for his genius? From Nem tudo é verdade on, art is the only thing that can make the world livable.

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