Leslie, My Name Is Evil

Film Information:


Leslie, My Name Is Evil




Reginald Harkema




16 mm


85 min


  • Kristen Hager
  • Gregory Smith
  • Ryan Robbins
  • Tiio Horn
  • Anjelica Scannura


  • GUIÓN: Reginald Harkema
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Jonathon Cliff
  • MONTAJE: Kathy Weinkauf
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Jennifer Jonas, Leonard Farlinger


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A black (and blood-red) comedy about the crimes of the Manson Family –so unfunny, so unfamiliar. / A barely touched biography of Leslie Van Houten, the youngest –“and the hottest”, according to Charles himself– among the killer’s followers. / The unlikely cross between the Godard from La Chinoise, whom Harkema had already honored in Monkey Warfare, and John Waters’ obscenely smart camp. / An essentially political cinema, which builds invisible bridges between 1960s America and the one of today to talk about the people’s (and the media’s) morbid fascination with serial killers, and the media (and the people’s) indifference towards the major crimes committed by armies and governments. / A totally unprejudiced “court-room drama” where the witnesses curse on the Bible, the accused show up every day with a different and outrageous look, and the good guy –who, by the way, is the chairman of the jury– loses his objectivity inside Leslie’s cleavage. / Yes, Leslie, My Name Is Evil is all that, and a few things more. Its unforgettable final shot, you’ll have to see it yourselves.

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