La bocca del lupo

Film Information:


The Mouth of the Wolf




Pietro Marcello




35 mm


76 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Mary Monaco, Vincenzo Motta


  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Pietro Marcello
  • MONTAJE: Sara Fgaier
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Dario Zonta


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  • MK2
  • Manlin Sterner
  • 55 rue Traversière
  • 75012 Paris, France
  • T +33 1 4467 3000
  • F +33 1 4307 2963
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The full-working factories; the dances; the old 50s and 60s genre cinema; a ship’s siren; a ghostly, nostalgic, and real Genoa; the passionate voices of Mary and Enzo, two lovebirds who record their letters on tape, and of whom we sense a secret. Pietro Marcello says he made The Mouth of the Wolf to talk about the residues of a lost world, but the weight of feelings leads them to take over the film as an emotional climbing plant from which you can’t distance yourself. Everything that matters about cinema is present in The Mouth of the Wolf: the past and the present; the archive material of what the world could have been, and the chronicle of what it actually is; the human struggle to fulfill justice with feelings against all status quo; the impossible border between fiction and reality; cinema as a reservoir of memory and the passing of time; the reviving of images connected to other new ones. As it always happens with great films, the device started by Marcello is only good for this film. There’s no method, only the courage and genius of a filmmaker who’s called to transcend.

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