Zona Sur

Film Information:


Southern District




Juan Carlos Valdivia




35 mm


109 min


  • Ninón del Castillo, Nicolás Fernández,
  • Juan Pablo Koria, Mariana Vargas, Viviana Condori


  • GUIÓN: Juan Carlos Valdivia
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Paul de Lumen
  • MONTAJE: Ivan Layme
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Gabriela Maire


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The southern district of La Paz is where rich people live. Carola (Ninón del Castillo) is both the head of the house and a mother with a particular intensity: in Southern District, matriarchy is the law. The only grown man with some sort or relevance in this story is the butler, Wilson (Pascual Loayza), who has a long time bond with Carola and the kids. The family is not in its finest financial hour, and you can feel the tensions: between the mother and the children; between the mother/head of the house and Wilson; and between a life style that’s out of sync and the changing times. Valdivia (whose first film Jonah and the Pink Whale was released in Argentina) doesn´t focus on the social implications of this family story, and neither does he distribute awards and punishments within the house. His portrait of the end of a lifestyle is a subtle and even elegant one. Featuring amazingly precise performances, raw dialog, and a realist approach on sex scenes, Southern District also offers an admirable organization of sequence shots with a moving camera, which adds some extra fluency to a family story that’s very well told, both in its core and its margins and resonances.

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