El vuelco del cangrejo

Film Information:


Crab Trap




Oscar Ruíz Navía




35 mm


95 min


  • Rodrigo Vélez, Arnobio Salazar Rivas “Cerebro”, Jaime Andrés Castaño, Yisela Álvarez, Karent Hinestroza


  • GUIÓN: Oscar Ruíz Navia
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Sofía Oggioni Hatty, Andrés Pineda
  • MONTAJE: Felipe Guerrero
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Diana Bustamante, Guillaume de Seille, Oscar Ruíz Navia, Gerylee Polanco


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Craps aren’t like people: they cannot escape once the circumstances have turned them upside down. In order to return to their original position, they trust the distrustful sea will want to touch its beloved sand again, thus turning them over. This jealousy is the reason why beach constructions cannot be made on cement: the sea destroys them. In La Barra (Colombia), el Paisa (the white man) is taking over the beaches to build a luxury hotel. The atmosphere is oppressive. The rain is intense, and the jungle is menacing; the way people relate to one another always makes them seem like strangers lurking at each other. You can hear the sound of reggaeton in the background, every day, all the time. That repetitive cadence of horny lyrics and winding moves is contrasted by the singing of the natives in a night camp fire. The rhythm and lyrics are festive; they celebrate fishing, the arrival to a strange place, the pure adventure. Daniel looks for a boat that would take him out of the country. As he waits, he witnesses the conflicts between the natives and the land grabbers; between tradition and modernity: between that partnership the ocean has with craps, and the hate it feels towards anyone who wishes to own the sand.


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