A falta que me faz

Film Information:


Like Water Through Stone




Marília Rocha




35 mm


85 min


  • Alessandra Ribeiro
  • Priscila Rodrigues
  • Shirlene Rodrigues
  • Valdênia Ribeiro
  • Paloma Campos


  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Alexandre Baxter,
  • Ivo Lopes Araújo
  • MONTAJE: Francisco Moreira, Marília Rocha
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Luana Melgaço, Hélvecio Marins Jr.


  • Teia Filmes
  • Luana Melgaço
  • Rua Rio Negro 855
  • 30431-0058 Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
  • T +55 31 2127 4979
  • F +55 31 2127 4979
  • E contato@teia.art.br
  • W www.teia.art.br
  • www.mariliarocha.com


Four friends spend their winter in a small town in the Espinhaço Mountains, near Belo Horizonte. Alessandra, Priscila, Shirlene and Valdênia are either reaching the end of their adolescent years or starting to be adults; and that is, in a small way, the subject of Marília Rocha’s extraordinary new documentary. Because what precisely makes the film so extraordinary –and extraordinarily precise– is its lack of a topic; the freedom she uses to build a genuine poetics of landscapes and people (specifically women, because Like Water Through Stone is, above all, a feminine film). Both carry the painful scars of change, uncertainty, and the difficult love affairs of that age. The camera tracks those scars in conversations between friends, parties, temp jobs (originally, this was to be a documentary about the harvest of flowers in the area, and some of that approach remains) and dialectic counterpoints with the director herself. After two features that were focused on bringing back certain past times, Rocha shows she knows how to apply the same sensitivity and intelligence when looking at the present.

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