15 jue 2010

The retrospective that Rogério Sganzerla deserved

La retro que merecía Rogério Sganzerla

The director Sergio Wolf said it during the official opening of this twelfth edition: the Brazilian critic and filmmaker Rogério Sganzerla (from Sao Pablo for more information) has deserved a retrospective on his work for a long time. First a theorist and then a creator, always on the cutting edge to understand and make movies in Latin America, Sganzerla started writing about cinema in the literary supplement of the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo and then fully jumped into directing. He directed very important movies such as “Copacabana mon amour” and “A mulher de todos”, which can be seen this Thursday at 7.30PM and 9.45M respectively at the Leopoldo Lugones hall in the San Martín Theater.

“By definition cinema is rhythm and movement, gesture and continuity. In everything we see we have to consider three aspects: the position of the eye that is watching, the position of the object being watched and the light that illuminates reality. This way, cinema does not have the sole function of opening a hole in a wall to see, because its mission is greater: to be a window to the world.” These are Sganzerla’s (figure of BAFICI 2010) exact words.