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Viaje a la luna

Film Information

Exhibition Title Viaje a la luna
Original Title Le Voyage dans la lune
English Title A Trip to the Moon
Director Georges Méliès
Year 1902
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 16'
  • Producción / Producer: Georges Méliès
  • Compañía Productora / Production Company: Star Films, Lobster Films-Fondation Groupama Gan, Fondation Technicolor
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Once again the “pop-tronaut” culture from the 21st Century sets foot in Méliès moon, only now it follows the historicist and refunding footprints of Hugo’s father Scorsese: what used to be a founding stone for fantasy gets turned into documentary stardust. Houston, the visitor is now French and propells electronically in a symbolic plan: the duet Air takes off towards Méliès and his astro-classic moon to kindly –yet in a voluntarily heretic way– put music into the sound vacuum of A Trip to the Moon. From its mere and lunatic yet heartfelt spatial construction, then, Air fills the most perfect void in film history with an imperfect and absolutely welcomed musical invasion.

This film was restored by Lobster Films, Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema and Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage

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