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Gabriela Carrizo y Franck Chartier 's biography | be Belgium


They founded Peeping Tom in the year 2000. They met in Brussels, and their creations have something eerily Belgian, even though Gabriela is Argentinian and Franck, French. The story of Peeping Tom began in a camper van. Gabriela and Franck offered to the audience a couple in its every day simple routine. And the intimacy had something rather special and indecent. The triptych offers the possibility of fleshing out a story over more than one panel, in which performers migrate from play to play, citing a past gesture or flourish, or setting up one still to come. Thus, panel after panel, “Le Jardin, Le Salon” and “Le Sous-sol” show life fissuring and exploding into the phantasmagoric. And if the audience, in all four corners of the globe, is always there, filling the theatre, it is perhaps because the life that Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier put on stage is more real than the news programs that assail us day after day with the violence human beings inflict on one another.



Oct 1021:00 h

32, Rue Vandenbranden


Q&A: At the end of this show, foreign artists and directors will engage in a conversation with the audience attending the performance.