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The Festival Eñe is a Spanish language-basedliterary event originated from the Spanish magazine Eñe, a publication dedicated to contemporary literature. The Festival Eñe has already been held six times: four in Madrid and two in America (Montevideo and Lima). Now, it arrives at the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires to celebrate dramatic writing. Playwrights, stage directors and actors will participate in discussions, workshops, roundtables, staged plays and readings to bring the world of theater closer to the public in a different way – face to face with the protagonists. It will feature such figures as SergiBelbel (Spain), Yolanda Pallín (Spain), Andrés Lima (Spain), Luisa Pardo (Mexico), MarianellaMorena (Uruguay), CiroZorzoli (Argentina), Rafael Spregelburd (Argentina) and YoskaLázaro (Spain-Argentina), among others.


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