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Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box


Original Title Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box
English Title Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box
Director Australia Moira Finucane y Jackie Smith
Country Australia
Runtime 90 min



“Glory Box”, the legendary, genre-busting, globally acclaimed seductive and subversive cult-hit salon storms from Australia into Buenos Aires, via London and Hong Kong. Finucane& Smith’s travelling emporium fuses demi-monde salon with seductive spectacle, live art exotica, wild child circus and jaw-dropping cabaret, coming to town for 5 days only in their much-anticipated premiere. Watch the feathers fly as Queen Provocateur Moira Finucane and the world’s most addictive divas unleash their latest exotic and inimitable Franken-routines. From vicious swans to visceral rock, demented disco to the darkly gothic, Shinjuku striptease to German expressionist fan dancing… take the plunge into the “Glory Box.” Eight years ago Moira Finucane& Jackie Smith were on the veranda of a southern Chinese avant-garde nightclub, watching the pouring rain make hundreds of red lanterns sway like jellyfish in the branches of a giant tree, and they had a wild vision… they wanted to open a salon, a salon of the extraordinary and the underground, the unforgettable and indefinable, as seductive as it was subversive, as provocative as it was entertaining. They finished their drinks, bought boxes of red lanterns, went home and premiered the “Glory Box” in the middle of the Melbourne winter. Selling out the night it opened, “Glory Box” has played their arresting mix of provocation and entertainment for over 110,000 fans, winning acclaim in 10 languages and 8 theatre awards, including 6 Australian Green Room Awards and Scotland on Sunday’s “Hottest Temptation of the Festival”. With works that both cherish and challenge their audiences, “Glory Box” has had 50 international sell-out seasons, from Croatia to Tokyo, London to Lubjliana, Italy to Edinburgh, Budapest to Taranaki, ever evolving and ever surprising. The show makes its Latin American premiere in Buenos Aires, turning La Trastienda into The Venus Fly Trap of Cabaret!


  • Moira Finucane, Holly Durant y Lilikoi Kaos, entre otros


Compañía: Finucane & Smith (Australia)

Autores: Moira Finucane y Jackie Smith

Música: Desde óperas tempranas hasta el hardcore techno y el rock, Glory Box usa una banda sonora ecléctica y electrizante de artistas de todo el mundo.

Diseño de iluminación: Marko Respondeck

Diseño de escenografía: Barry Michael Baxter y Isaac Lummis

Diseño de vestuario: Isaac Lummis y David Anderson

Fecha y ciudad de estreno: julio de 2004, Melbourne

Coproducción: Finucane & Smith y FAMA


This production contains nudity, smoke effects and strobe lighting.