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4.48 Psicosis


Original Title 4.48 Psicosis
English Title 4.48 Psicosis
Director Argentina Luciano Cáceres
Country Argentina
Runtime 60 min



4.48 Psicosis is a posthumous work by Sarah Kane, staged after her death. The title refers to the time when most suicides take place since that is approximately when the effect of psychiatric drugs taken the night before wears off. An experience that invites us to plunge into the world of a human being that has crossed the threshold of pain and hopelessness.


  • Leonor Manso


Diseño de iluminación: Eli Sirlin

Diseño de sonido: Gabriel Barredo

Diseño de escenografía: Agustín Garbellotto

Asistencia de producción: Fernando Berreta y Eleonora Pereyra

Asistencia técnica: Agustín Garbellotto

Fecha y ciudad de estreno: 2006, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires