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Orsini Marionetas


Original Title Orsini Marionetas
English Title Orsini Marionetas
Director Argentina Ruben Orsini
Country Argentina
Runtime 55 min



This production is based on a world of objects made of street trash and loose threads from the past. They have been touched, crushed, smeared, thrown away and now brought back to life through eight stories that see beauty in the horrible, in an attempt to connect with feelings from the human world, to return to primary innocence.


  • Ruben Orsini y Natalia Fernández


Compañía: Orsini (Argentina)

Diseño de iluminación: Ruben Orsini

Diseño de escenografía: Ruben Orsini

Diseño de vestuario: Ruben Orsini

Producción: Ruben Orsini

Fecha y ciudad de estreno: 2008, Rosario