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Film info: Gombrowicz, la Argentina y yo

Film Information

Original Title Gombrowicz, la Argentina y yo
English Title Gombrowicz, la Argentina y yo
Director Alberto Yaccelini
Year 2000
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 84 min
  • Rolando Paiva, Alejandro Russovich, Antonio Dal Maseto, Juan José Saer, Jorge Di Paola
  • Guión: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Fotografía: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Montaje: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Producción: Dominique Pailler


Yaccelini calls up the promoters of the Gombrowicz myth: Alejandro Rússovich, Miguel Grinberg and Antonio Dal Masetto. But Yaccelini takes this cast of “Ies” who carry decisive autobiographical experiences and adds a couple of somewhat eccentric testimonies: Jorge Goldenberg, who is in charge of shredding the bizarre, erratic, and disconcerting Argentine popular imagination that welcomed Gombrowicz; and writer Juan José Saer, who analyzes him in a “literary way”, with one foot placed on severity and another one on sarcasm. The portion incarnated by these two is the one that slightly distances from the hagiography approach and pushes the film towards a more personal dimension. Here we have two voices talking in the first person: Gombrowicz’s, of course, and Yaccelini himself, who unfolds his double stand as both an exterior narrator and a character who is totally implicated in the story. And so, the film is no longer a simple biographic documentary but a subtle essay on a handful of Argentine perversions: exile, loss, double identity, translation, and that strange passion called detachment – which can be accounted for many of our best cultural features.

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