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Film info: Volvoreta

Film Information

Original Title Volvoreta
English Title Volvoreta
Director Alberto Yaccelini
Year 2002
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 58 min
  • Carlos Lerner, Roberto López, Thierry Pélerin, Volvoreta
  • Guión: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Fotografía: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Montaje: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Producción: Anne-Marie Marsaguet-Chion


In 1872, Muybridge came up with a mechanism that aimed at transcend the limits of the human eye and photographed the different phases in a horse’s gallop. A predecessor of film, that technology made an effort to see things better. Yaccelini pursues an identical object and objective in Volvoreta, a documentary about the training of a homonymous filly. In suburban Paris, the elegant, shiny brown-haired Volvoreta is a strong contender to the Diana prize, and exiled Argentine trainer Carlos Lerner devotes himself to his craft so silently that it makes the documentary abandon the idea of creating its own world by using weary shots featuring oral testimonies. The prize could change Lerner’s life, and the tension that builds up before the race turns horseracing into a story that follows the tradition of big, pure sporting emotions. As if that narrative suspense wasn’t enough, Yaccelini finds people’s wounds, but also his own, and they open the door to reflection and a subtle emotional tone. This way, the melancholy of exile, the filly’s sick leg, and the arrogance of French nationalism are all revealed as they outline different levels of frailty, injustice, and despair with a precise eye that believes documentary filmmaking is a way to see things better.

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