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Film info: Get Out of the Car

Film Information

Original Title Get Out of the Car
English Title Get Out of the Car
Director Thom Andersen
Year 2010
Format 16 mm
Colour Color
Duration 34 min
  • Thom Andersen
  • Fotografía: Madison Brookshire, Adam R. Levine
  • Montaje: Adam R. Levine
  • Producción: Thom Andersen


Known to the Bafici audience for some of his previous works, North American filmmaker Thom Andersen is, without a doubt, a true independent filmmaker. In this occasion he presents his latest medium-length film shot in 16mm and composed of a series of beautiful and fascinating fixed shots that frame a peculiar landscape of Los Angeles. Andersen’s eye stops in front of old signs, photos, traffic signs, street ads, murals, and building façades that evoke other times in the city. The tour is accompanied by some conversations and a careful selection of popular music from the region, which goes from the 1940s to the 1990s. And among all that rhythm & blues and jazz, the Mexican folk songs by Los Tigres del Norte stand out with lyrics that express –with a certain irony– some of the both historic and contemporary tensions experienced by the people living in one of the most intense and strange cities in the United States.

Date and Times

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