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Film info: Poetry

Film Information

Original Title Poetry
English Title Shi
Director Lee Chang-dong
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 139 min
  • Yun Jung-hee, Lee David, Kim Hira, Ahn Nae-sang
  • Guión: Lee Chang-dong
  • Fotografía : Kim Hyun-seok
  • Montaje: Kim Hyun
  • Producción: Lee Joon-dong


The remarkable filmmaker who made Oasis, Peppermint Candy and Secret Sunshine continues his strongly humanist exploration of melodrama (now he deals with the possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation, even after extreme situations) and doesn’t fall into sentimentalism, simplification, or reassuring demagogy. Poetry is told from the viewpoint of a 66 year-old woman who’s in charge of her grand-son, a teenager who might be implicated along with his friends in the rape (followed by suicide) of a girl in their class. While the heroin tries to deal with the young boy (and the consequences of his actions), she starts suffering the very first symptoms of Alzheimer and enrolls in a poetry course as a form of catharsis and inner search. It’s a beautiful, profound, spiritual, intelligent, and moving film, by one of the most brilliant Korean filmmakers of all time.

Date and Times

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