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Film info: Facundo, el tigre de los llanos

Film Information

Original Title Facundo, el tigre de los llanos
English Title Facundo, Tiger of the Plains
Director Miguel P. Tato
Year 1952
Format Digibeta
Colour B&W
Duration 85 min
  • Francisco Martínez Allende, Zoe Ducós, Félix Rivero, Miguel Bebán, Jorge Molina Salas.
  • Guión: Antonio Pagés Larraya
  • Fotografía: Máximo Berrondo
  • Montaje: Nicolás Proserpio
  • Producción: Luis María Álvarez, Manuel Cabouli


“People say I’m tough, inflexible, reactionary, and fascist. But I’m also just plain incorruptible. I get shit from idiots and liberals just because they don’t have an ideology. I respect those who have one, even if I don’t agree with them and fight against it. I’ve been the same all my life”, said Miguel Paulino Tato in September 1974, soon after taking office as administrator of the Film Rating Bureau after a long career as a film critic and head of Channel 7 during the Onganía dictatorship. Retired in 1978, he died on April 1986, and none of the obituaries back then pointed out that he directed an emblematic film. Released in early July of 1952, a few days before the death of Evita, Facundo, el tigre de los llanos was very well received by audiences and critics. Setting aside all preconceptions, it’s interesting to see that his unpretentious and quiet vision of the leader might be both the least known and the most politically honest one.


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