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American Passages

april 19

Abasto Shopping

Room: HOYTS9


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Ruth Beckermann

The films of Ruth Beckermann (Vienna, 1952), with all their varied topics, territories, and styles, have silently built a theory of storytelling and memory (all stories are memory, all memories are inventions, all images are impressions) where narration links to the world of senses. After making some documentaries that recorded social movements, made collectively in the 70’s, the past gained importance in her films, which since then swing between observation, testimony, and essay works with texts read by a voice over in the style of Chris Marker. But even if Return to Vienna, the oldest one programmed here and the last she co-directed, uses archive footage, from that film on Beckermann reduces that tool to a few photographs: she has begun to question the role of images as records of the past.

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