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El mito de Narciso (20’)

Film Information

Exhibition Title El mito de Narciso (20’)
Original Title El mito de Narciso (20’)
English Title
Director Narcisa Hirsch
Year 2005
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 20'
  • Direccíon / Director: Narcisa Hirsch
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Video’s economic and aesthetic flexibility provided Narcisa Hirsch with a chance to rethink her film work. A chance to handle her film footage again, and update it through a more experienced eye –a more mature but still very young one. This program of recent works covers the 2005-2011 period, and it’s a clear and conclusive look into the validity of Hirsch’s creative process within the territory of new technologies. From Aleph to her last full length film El mito de Narciso, and through more video-natured pieces like El erotismo del tiempo and Celebración, (in which she recicles footage from her work) her cinema is constantly rethinking its origins and going back through her own ideas and images with no purpose of self-celebration, but, on the contrary, as a way to observe with fresh eyes an entire life dedicated to audiovisual production.

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