Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Festivales de Buenos Aires

Jury: Hebe Uhart


Hebe Uhart


She was born in Moreno, in the Buenos Aires province, in 1936. She worked as a teacher in grade schools, high schools and universities. She wrote the short story collections Dios, San Pedro y las almas (1962), El budín esponjoso (1977), La luz de un nuevo día (1983), Guiando la hiedra (1997) and Del cielo a casa (2003), among others. She also wrote novels, like Mudanzas (1995) and Camilo asciende (1987). She received the Merit Diploma Konex Award in 2004. She writes travel pieces, and chronicles of characters and situations. She’s a contributor for the cultural supplement of El País newspaper in Montevideo.

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