Collective Creations

The expression of a new visual language, urgent and vital, has, like in other editions of CE, the chance to be shown “live” in the various cultural places of the Cultural Centre. Street art, new expressions, new communication codes, new ways to give expression to an idea, a feeling, all of them can be perceived by the massive audience that visits the different rooms of Recoleta.

Permanent Activities

15:00 - 21:00 h
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Bio: B2Patio de los Tilos

Integrantes: Luciano Gatti (ICE), Pablo Albinati (BROOK), Alejandro Mizraji (PLAST), Guillermo Argenti (SOER), Damian Morales (DAME) y Diego Rodriguez (DIE).

15:00 - 21:00 h
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Triangulo Dorado / Bera

Bio: Triangulo Dorado / BeraPatio de los Tilos

Integrantes: Santiago Panichelli (Nemer), Pedro Panichelli (Hombre Tiki) y Francisco Ferreyra (Lema).