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Dance World Cup

The Dance World Cup is the celebration that transforms Buenos Aires in a Mecca for tango dancers from around the world. The event will award the best dancers in the categories Salon Tango, which favors social dance as a practice of pure porteña roots, and Stage Tango, which has the goal of enriching the dance from a choreographic conception linked with the show. From Monday the 23rd more than 400 couples from around the world will demonstrate their milonguero talent giving brightness to the competition that is already a classic in our City. A week in which the best couples will demonstrate their excellence and skills in tango. During the development of the Dance World Cup, the public will also be able to enjoy milongas, exhibits, free thematic classes, dance performances and the Work in Progress of the most prestigious companies. We are already feeling the great celebration.

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Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires