Cooking History

Film Information:


Cooking History




Peter Kerekes




35 mm


88 min


  • GUIÓN: Peter Kerekes
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Martin Kollár
  • MONTAJE: Marek Sulík
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Ralph Wieser,
  • Georg Misch, Peter Kerekes,
  • Pavel Strnad


  • Contacto / Contact
  • Taskovski Films
  • Korunovacni 32
  • 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic
  • T +420 233 313 839
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Original Title: Ako sa varia dejiny

The director of 66 Seasons (also included in this edition of Bafici) dares to tell the story of the 20th century European wars through its cooks. An original, striking idea, and yet not entirely crazy: after all, food is essential for any army in campaign. One after the other, the witnesses face the camera and deliver their monologue with an elaborated mise en scène that echoes conflict. From WWII to the latest clashes at the Balkans, Cooking History reviews the Russian invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, as well as the Algerian independence from French colonialism and the similar Chechen resistance still going on today; all this while gourmets and self-organized peasant women join to calculate portions and foods. Some of them have their own personal anecdotes, like Marshal Tito’s personal taster, who was in charge of saving his employer from poisoning; others provide a new perspective on each casus belli from the culinary point of view. A minimal story and a true find.

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