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Film Information

Exhibition Title Pablo
Original Title Pablo
English Title Pablo
Director Richard Goldgewicht
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 93'
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What common element does Kubrick’s iconic farce Dr. Strangelove share with Men in Black? Is it a bureaucratic paranoia turned into the basis of satire (the first one with no action, and the other with lots of it)? Is it life outside the institutions thought as an alien thing? No, no, and no. A cinephile Trivial Pursuit against interpretation: Pablo Ferro is the common element. If you recall Dr. Strangelove’s nervous letters overprinted in rustic airplanes with elevator music from the 50s, and you compare it to Men in Black and Elfman playing around songs while suddenly the nervous credit words appear, then you’ve found your answer. As Richard Goldgewitch shows, Ferro, a Cuban who moved to the States in 1947, is a deity in the literate (yet uncelebrated) kingdom of credit designs. Bohemian Ferro (excuse the repetition), a legend in this environment, is as celebrated as he is resented for his dark side (his family one). What is this strongly worded documentary missing? Sound. Narration by Jeff Bridges. Oh, it does have it? OK then.


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14 Apr / 21:30 h
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18 Apr / 14:45 h
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