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Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel

Film Information

Exhibition Title Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel
Original Title Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel
English Title There Is No Sexual Rapport
Director Raphaël Siboni
Year 2011
Format Blu-ray
Colour Color
Duration 79'
  • Intérpretes / Cast: HPG, Cindy Dollar, Michael, Stracy, Phil Hollyday.
  • Producción / Producer: Thierry Lounas
  • Compañía Productora / Production Company: Capricci Films
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Did you ever wonder about what is left in the off-frame space in a porn film production? What is that we cannot see but still helps forming the desired image? HPG is a director, producer and actor: a sex and adult film professional. Through him, and the record –as if made by security cameras– of both the backstage and the surroundings and shots that never make it to the final cut, you get something that is much more than a making of. Il n’y a pas de rapport sexual responds through its title to some of the doubts about what happens in front of the cameras –and behind them, and next to them. Actors and actresses parade through the camera doing what they know best, with such concentration and professionalism as we’re only used to see in some professions. The bodies follow one another, the positions vary, and the magic of cinema is build frame by frame. An unclassifiable and surprising film.

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