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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Recreation
Original Title Recreation
English Title Recreation
Director Yoshihiro Nagano
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 78'
  • Intérpretes / Cast: Kazushi Hashimoto, Kesuke Koga, Kana Yasutake, Mina Yasutake, Yohei Shindo
  • Guión / Scriptwriter: Yoshihiro Nagano
  • Fotografía / Cinematography: Yoshihiro Nagano
  • Edición / Editing: Yoshihiro Nagano
  • Producción / Producer: Yoshihiro Nagano
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Yoshihiro Nagano creates a record of juvenile delinquency that even if it’s not extremely realistic, it’s very aware of when it should appeal to a certain evocation of youth drama alla Rebel Without a Cause (processed by the perspective of the world from that island located west of Japan) and where to defuse youth exploitation and become raw and asphyxiating with palpable reality. Recreation tells the story of a summer following high school graduation, when Akira and Kazu have lots of time to waste. Akira is worried about the future, because mom and dad pay no attention to him, and other grunge topic too, but still he carries on –out of inertia rather than determination– and drives around the scooters and motorcycles Kazu steals. But the gang (which also includes twins An and Rin) incorporates Tachibana, who goes from vandalistic pranks to major crimes, whenever he’s not taking care of his turtle or grabbing asses on the street. When he goes crazy, Tachibana acquires the evil charm of Dafoe or Cage, and his presence –which would be ghostly if it wasn’t so concrete– fills Recreation with a sense of evil that is as real as terrifying

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13 Apr / 21:15 h
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22 Apr / 01:15 h
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