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Colección Compressions

Film Information

Exhibition Title Colección Compressions
Original Title Colección Compressions
English Title Compressions Collection
Director Gérard Courant
Year 2011
Format DM
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 46'
  • Dirección / Director: Gérard Courant
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2007 - 2011

French sculptor César Baldaccini, commonly known as just César (1921-1998), began creating his “directed compressions” of objects in the 60’s, often with his colleague Arman, making monumental series of cars transformed into compacted iron bundles by a hydraulic press. Influenced by these techniques, in the 90’s Courant started making one of his series, out of compressed versions of films. This program presents some of the more recent time compressions made by the French filmmaker, starting with 44 Lumière films that only last 4 minutes, as if they were just a single one, at the speed of the train that threatened the very first film audience. Also, Courant passed on this technique to Godard –for whom he made his first compression– Pasolini, Vadim, Rohmer, Schroeter, Garrel and the entire film work of Guy Debord, whose Situationist feel surely matched these ideas.

Compression 44 vues Lumière (2009, 4’)

Compression de Théorème de Pier Paolo Pasolini (2008, 3’)

Compression Hurlements en faveur de Sade de Guy Debord (2009, 3’)

Compression La Société du spectacle de Guy Debord (2009, 3’)

Compression In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni de Guy Debord (2009, 3’)

Compression Le Mépris de Jean-Luc Godard (2009, 4’)

Compression Vivre sa vie de Jean-Luc Godard (2011, 3’30’’)

Compression Et Dieu créa la femme de Roger Vadim (2009, 4’)

Compression La Mort de Maria Malibran de Werner Schroeter (2009, 5’)

Compression Le Lit de la vierge de Philippe Garrel (2009, 4’)

Compression Le Révélateur de Philippe Garrel (2009, 3’)

Compression 4 Aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle d’Éric Rohmer (2009, 3’)

Compression du Journal de Joseph M. (2007, 3’)

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